• Karts have combustion or electric engines? Karts have combustion engines Honda GX270 with 9 HP and they run on gasoline with 95 octanes.

  • Do you offer faster karts? Not at the moment but even though they are fastest karts in Prague to rent.

  • How many karts can go at once? 15 karts is maximum which can drive at the same moment on the track. Our track is one of the widest in Czech rep. so there is no problem with overtaking others.

  • Can you guarantee that karts will be even? We love our karts and we take proper care of them. That is why we also run races included in biggest kart championship in the world - SWS. And if you want really even conditions there is nothing easier than putting weights into karts and make weight difference a matter of the past.

  • Do you allow kids to the track? We set minimal height of 150cm. If somebody under age of 15 wants to have a go he must have parents with him/her on track.


  • Can I take my own helmet or balaclava? Of course you can.

  • Why do I have to wear a balaclava when borrowing one of your helmets? Because those helmets are on track used every day it is only for hygiene purposes. You don't want to wear wet and stinky helmet do you?

  • What are the recommended clothes for karting? You can take whatever you like. Only thing which is mandatory are solid shoes because we will not let you drive in flip flops or sandals. So don't forget them at home during summer months and take them with you.

  • Are you opened whole year? Yes we are except christmas and new year.

Track and surroundings

  • Do you let karts on track in rain or when it snows? Yes. No weather conditions are problem for us.

  • Is it possible to drive when it is dark outside? Of course it is. Whole track is illuminated with powerful LED lights.

  • Can something happen to me on track? We maintain whole track and all karts in a state where everything is as safety as possible. Even though you participate at your own risk when you go out on track and you have to follow operation rules which you find at the track.

  • Do you measure lap times somehow? Yes we have modern timekeeping which saves all your laps which you can see right after the run.

  • Is there a parking lot? Yes we have a parking lot right next to the track for free.

  • Is the indoor bar heated / air conditioned? Yes and we always set the temperatures carefuly so it is not extreme change when coming from outside (especially in summer). Did you kow that our competition does not have this?


  • Is it necessary to book single 10min sessions? No it is not. If you just want to come and drive on track and other customers are not problem for you then you can come anytime when the track is not booked.

  • How current is the calendar with reservations? You can book the track at least 24h before desired time. That means if you look into the calendar day before you plan to make a visit you can be sure no other bookings will apply.

  • Can I pay with card at your place? Yes we accept cards from MasterCard or Visa and you can pay anything we offer with them.

  • Can you create an invoice when we book for company matters? Yes it is one of many options. For more informations ask us on e-mail.

  • Can I drive on your track even though I am complete beginner and I don't even have driving licence? Yes you can. We will gladly explain everything you need to know so no harm happens to you.

  • I have a voucher. Do I have to make reservation when I want to use it? You don't have to make anything special. Just come on our track when it is not booked and you race in classic 10min sessions.

  • I am trying to reach you on contact phone number but nobody picks up. We are reachable during opening hours. If you can't reach us even though we are open it can mean that there are people at place to serve first. You can try it a bit later or send us a message here, on Facebook or e-mail. We will respond as soon as possible.

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